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 Velcommen / Welcome!

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From Evavollen, Norway

To Eagle Lake Township, Minnesota.

 "A Heritage We Can Be Thankful For."




















































Take a closer look at the...

Evavold History

 Early Evavold History by Roscoe Evavold









The Next Evavold Family Reunion

Will Be July 11-12, 2015.


We would like to have volunteers to serve on the planning committee.

If you would like to serve on the committee please send an e-mail to:

 Allan@Evavold.com with your contact information.



You Won’t Want To Miss It!












Open File To See Reunion Event Highlights


The traditional "Roros Pols" dance of historic Roros near Evavollen

was taught by the Norse Folk Entertainment Group.















Reunion Rehearsal Sheet Music


Battle Hymn of The Republic



**Check back periodically for Reunion 2010 photo and information updates.**

If you have photos of the 2010 or a past reunion that you would like to share

please e-mail them along with helpful captions / descriptions to: pictures@evavold.com








Below are forms to use for Registration

Please Note Deadlines For Registration within them!






Reunion Registration Form




Reunion Golf Registration Form




Reunion Hotel Information












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 www.evavold.com        www.evavold.com       www.evavold.com       www.evavold.com  .

 www.evavold.com        www.evavold.com       www.evavold.com       www.evavold.com

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